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About UTB


 Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB) is a private, non-profit higher education institution, founded in 1970 and managed by the   most  important business associations in the region. The UTB exchange program offers an excellent study abroad opportunity for   international students in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. This study abroad initiative allows students from partner universities   around the world to directly  enroll for one semester, up to twenty credits at UTB. The International office provides a buddy       program and city tours. Portfolio of program



Cartagena de Indias is a fascinating place to study. Declared by UNESCO as a World Historical and Cultural Heritage site in 1984,     Cartagena combines its rich history and culture with a large industrial complex that includes petrochemicals, bio-fuels and agro         industry, as well as maritime ports, logistic centers and shipyards. Cartagena is a prized tourist destination, visited by people from   all over the world. It has developed a large hotel infrastructure and hosts many international cultural events, such as the Hay   Festival, an International Music Festival, the Cartagena Film Festival and many more. Cartagena is also a great place for sports. It   hosts multiple tournaments, such as windsurfing, sailing and yachting. All of the above offers students, faculty, and visitors to   Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar an unforgettable academic and cultural experience.


Why study in Colombia
EXPERIENCE the quality of our education: LEARN in one of Colombia's   best universities. LIVE the warmth of our people: Colombia is the result of   a unique history which created a blend of Spanish, Indigenous and African   customs, and Colombia is considered one of the happiest nations on   earth. EXPLORE the beauty of our landscapes: Colombia is the only     South American country facing two oceans and is home to all major Latin   American types of ecosystems, from the Amazon to the Andes, from the   pristine Caribbean beaches to the waves of the Pacific. ENJOY Colombia's   cultural richness: thanks to more than 40 folklore festivals and carnivals   that it organizes each year, Colombia is home to one of the most diverse   artistic, cultural and gastronomical scenes in Latin America. DISCOVER   the richness of our biodiversity: Colombia is one of the world's few "megadiverse" countries: it hosts one of the richest ranges of flora and fauna on our planet. FEEL the magic of our culture: a beautiful blend of nature, people, culture and knowledge makes Colombia a great campus for students looking to challenge their understanding of the world we live in.

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Institutional video (English version)
Cartagena Magical Realism 



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